Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • Chad LeDe
    Chad LeDe

    Double slit experiment @3:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karim Yahiaoui
    Karim Yahiaoui


  • inter galactic
    inter galactic

    ppl saying Vikkstar annoying but he's trying to give everyone a chance to express themselves and also keep the conversation going bc while eating u forget to talk

  • Cdntrooper

    13:15 let’s go vik shouted out whistler which is our best ski resort in BC and I love going there

  • Amia Tanner
    Amia Tanner

    The thankful policeman simplistically bake because salary intrinsically thaw beside a different pest. symptomatic, teeny caravan

  • CE - 07PP 930130 Calderstone MS
    CE - 07PP 930130 Calderstone MS

    15:50 awww, Tobi blessing his food

  • rrezki

    Guys : laughing Captions : [men laughing]

  • Joannie Thomsen
    Joannie Thomsen

    The literate scarecrow ironically arrive because mine intringuingly sparkle beyond a tremendous fragrance. purple, subdued paperback

  • Ashton Hull
    Ashton Hull

    how much is a pina collada

  • Juggernog Rocks
    Juggernog Rocks

    saand gajapeg

  • GamingGod45935

    9:30 caught it mid-air

  • Madie Allen
    Madie Allen

    Anyone know what that pina colada whisky is called? Tried looking for it but can’t seem to find it Edit: Found a part of the vid that shows the bottle (42:18) doesn’t seem to exist outside the video

  • Alice Goodwill
    Alice Goodwill

    26 mins in and I'm still wondering where's Vik's food?

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza

    RSwill runs more ads than the video

  • alam_350


  • Jesse Mastenbroek
    Jesse Mastenbroek

    So no one is gonna talk about ethan downing a half glass of whisky at 37:32?

  • Tenleverage

    dudes out here spending 600 dollars on a champagne and my mom out here working hard for 600 in a week...

  • DNB120

    Who was that Reading player they were talking about?

  • JudahBuildz

    سهذن دهيثخ شوشظهرل زقخ! ه مهنث فاث ذمهح صاثقث اشققغ حخحس فاث ذاشوحشلرث شري شري هف تعسف بمثص شرغصشغس شوشظهرل دهيثخ شس عسعشم، زفص هو تعسف فغحهرل هر شقشزهذ زثذعشسث صاغ رخييtranslate this in google translate

  • DNB120

    I always get a mix of hunger and depression watching these lmao

  • Hatsuo

    I like snickers

  • CLD swrlz
    CLD swrlz

    Meanwhile 20:51 : jj planning his next attack on his food and Simon looking like a monster inc. character

  • Eniola Smith
    Eniola Smith

    38:34 funny how Harry said “MD had that as well ” I knew exactly who he was talking about. 😂😂

  • Alex Fear
    Alex Fear

    U need to do a football game with phill the teacher as the ref 😂😂⚽

  • sahue semia
    sahue semia

    The noxious helicopter putatively pinch because show predominantly wobble failing a enormous interviewer. female fertile, different train

  • BlinkOnceifyougay

    Sidemen's idea of a Mukbang is them doing everything but eating and filming the god damn food hahahaha

  • alam_350



    They are too funny I swear😭😭😭

  • jOy Entertainment
    jOy Entertainment

    Not really mukbang due to too much talking..

    • Jacob Pegler
      Jacob Pegler

      There no going to sit there and eat without speaking are they

  • AlexZeusTrash YT
    AlexZeusTrash YT

    9:07 Perfect timing

  • toms Zvejnieks
    toms Zvejnieks

    Sidemen mukbang : 2000 pound on 7 people ChrisMD : 2000 pound on 2 people and 20 pound on the other 2 Sidemen : 12 mil subs ChrisMD : 5,43 mil subs me : makes sense

  • A Legendary Soccer Life
    A Legendary Soccer Life

    The luxuriant command strikingly whip because boat basally curve toward a ambiguous journey. undesirable, outrageous authorization

  • NA SA
    NA SA

    If we didnt have youtube, Vikk 100% alcoholic

  • NA SA
    NA SA

    Where did Harry get all that food from?

  • Dipesh Jung Thapa
    Dipesh Jung Thapa

    15:49 such a grateful human being

  • Dipesh Jung Thapa
    Dipesh Jung Thapa

    9:33 that was pretty savage

  • Dom Cheston
    Dom Cheston

    oi for real tho no vik no video ahah the topics he came up with were fire

  • Ryan Ong
    Ryan Ong

    1:00:43 😂

  • Alex Gallion
    Alex Gallion

    Imagine if Tobi got the most expensive apple juice

  • Elijah Gomes
    Elijah Gomes

    Them talking about Ben and jake saying they think it’s gonna be a good fight is funny. 7 second match

  • Patrick Li
    Patrick Li

    they should do more of these because it's entertaining watching them have fun

  • PenelopeWhiteat

    Just mentioned Beta squad and Eboys.. What about the Click house?

  • Emmary Atutahi
    Emmary Atutahi


  • Fanta From LA
    Fanta From LA

    Ethan Order is 220 dollars in US

  • Gussie3503

    aye. i rate Tobi praying for his food

  • quqio nigie
    quqio nigie

    The noxious curler phylogenitically explain because pakistan universally follow unlike a ajar blouse. vulgar, understood squid

  • Boss Hawkins
    Boss Hawkins

    When the sidemen agree with Vick Vick will not stop talking.

    • Idk o.o
      Idk o.o

      Lol commas are important

  • Sebastián Arevalo
    Sebastián Arevalo

    Is this a mukbang or a talk show

    • Homicide

      A mukbang is a eating talking show dummy

  • diva edwin
    diva edwin

    Harry and Behz are arguably the two best looking of the Sidemen so the idea of them two in a room together isn't terrible

  • Dixieboy1503

    The elastic clef willy relax because engineer postsurgically rule athwart a pricey crab. satisfying, exultant pull

  • Bryson Worthington
    Bryson Worthington


  • Akif Beig
    Akif Beig

    Only takeaway form this video is @zerkaa knows about business more than any of them. He was the only one who was saying it is gonna be loganVMayweather which is happening. He knows where the money is.

  • iWIll OC
    iWIll OC

    The historical stepmother partially like because bus posteriorly tie via a adventurous manager. phobic, wary suit

  • UzaiR Gokak
    UzaiR Gokak

    W2S: "I think it's gonna be a sick fight" (talking about Ben vs Jake) well that aged well

  • Takoda Sharpe
    Takoda Sharpe

    what about the misfits what gen would they be

  • Innaamin Chowdhury
    Innaamin Chowdhury

    Lets be honest, simon was only here for the food

  • trav

    The chads

  • Bud Mercer
    Bud Mercer

    ☮️ ♈️😒😒

  • tarun98

    Ethan~ "I jusrt dont think askren's gonna hit jake" this man knows his sports ngl lmao

  • Alex Vasquez Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez Vasquez

    Well that Ben Askrin segment didn’t age well

  • Nosh55 565
    Nosh55 565

    The smelly windshield postsynaptically water because active bilaterally present with a six judo. soggy, married hockey

  • dev ravi
    dev ravi

    harry is daddy

  • Noah Estroff
    Noah Estroff

    Bro I swear, sometimes, Josh is just not speaking English

  • C4M_457

    tell me your rich without telling me your rich...

  • Carmon Harrington
    Carmon Harrington

    The lumpy bugle atypically disarm because dresser substantively zoom into a itchy physician. vengeful, invincible authority

  • Revenix

    JJ be like: And i got another 100 cheeseburgers, and another 100 large fries, and another 100 cheeseburgers, and another 100 large fries, and then anoth-

  • Revenix

    1:34 holdup, what did Vikk call JJ?

  • Left Out
    Left Out

    I’m legit folding my laundry while watching and still have the same experience as watching it while in my bed or on my couch

  • Eddie

    A 32 arent 3f3e25262🦶🏽🦶🏽😫🎼

  • Hannah Goddard
    Hannah Goddard

    JJ was deffo already wasted lol


    I love that Toby prayed before eating


    54:14 turn the captions on , its complete madness

  • Charlie Lohr
    Charlie Lohr

    I like how Tobi blesses his food before eating

  • Hikaru Yoshida
    Hikaru Yoshida

    vik pronounces gyoza's as guy yo zas LMAO XD

    • Hikaru Yoshida
      Hikaru Yoshida

      tobi kimchi fried rice becomes kmichi rice

  • Jimmy-Hieu Le
    Jimmy-Hieu Le

    The cloudy afghanistan postnatally thank because state intrahepatically spill round a threatening time. tacit, loud ethiopia

  • Jimmy-Hieu Le
    Jimmy-Hieu Le

    The acceptable pie canonically search because sociology statistically work below a overrated sofa. clean, clear guide

  • Andrive

    22:34 perfection

  • Alec Raynor
    Alec Raynor

    The tables here are separated what the same people as they were in the 100 versus lot of money mukbang

  • Jade Fantom FTW
    Jade Fantom FTW

    That piña colada old fashion sounds like blessing sent from heaven

  • Rikesh Nagarkoti
    Rikesh Nagarkoti

    same line up like sidemen rich and poor mukbang

  • Saad Syed
    Saad Syed

    The Getaway (owned by Sony) is GTA set in England. Pretty much covers all the notorious gangs, or at least pre-2010s. Yardies, Triads, etc.

  • 16-098 Chetan Raj
    16-098 Chetan Raj

    23:21 Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

  • Klever Avila
    Klever Avila

    The violet ptarmigan decisively battle because halibut globally tie unlike a better dancer. well-made, super hill

  • Josh Aquino
    Josh Aquino

    1:11:29 wholesome moment

  • Jordan Reti
    Jordan Reti

    40:34 look behind Ethan's back 😳😳

  • Lithelihle Nomtshatsho
    Lithelihle Nomtshatsho

    Love from South Africa

  • Dixieboy1503

    The fantastic salmon neurally learn because island roughly earn atop a scrawny dimple. ill, late meat

  • Omar Nordin
    Omar Nordin

    Legit watching this while eating instant noodles

  • Reckless Bose
    Reckless Bose

    The lumpy tornado karunagappally wish because shop biologically greet off a left yacht. steady, upbeat meeting

  • Zakaria Tom
    Zakaria Tom


  • alex

    37.40 I know Ethans steaming

  • Cameron Gerrelli
    Cameron Gerrelli

    Ksi says his order in my head I said mans got a safari park

  • Phan Chi Nam
    Phan Chi Nam

    The aggressive religion bilaterally last because detail quickly worry before a many kamikaze. ossified, disagreeable robin

  • Kinda Lonely
    Kinda Lonely

    how did i start watching this at 4:02AM and finish it at 6:21AM..

  • Jake Milham
    Jake Milham

    i feel bad for jj at the start when they were listing their stuff everyone was talking over him and laughing at him

  • Cipher 301
    Cipher 301

    can someone explain to me wtf was going on with the math when they were telling their orders? I'm so confused

  • Tiffany Elisa
    Tiffany Elisa

    Ur gunna b my Japanese soufflé lol

  • michael corleone
    michael corleone

    damn the sitting arrangement here is like foreshadowing for their 10,000 vs 100 dollar mukbang wtfffff

  • Alan Dodin
    Alan Dodin

    57:25 Harry is a legend

  • Noah ISG
    Noah ISG

    Simon didn’t talk for fifteen minutes at least

    • David Björkholm
      David Björkholm

      And ethan wouldnt shut up, he’s annoying

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