SIDEMEN $10,000 VS $100 HOTEL
Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Holiday but different, this time it's HOTELS!
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  • Tyjon 554
    Tyjon 554

    This video took a toll on me

  • Yangco

    Watched until the end so I could see KSI and Ethan return to their hotel room 😎

  • Anuva Milan
    Anuva Milan

    "u get this palce for hero****, this is where u pop off" =KSI,2021

  • Antonella Sanchez
    Antonella Sanchez

    I think ethan deserves a luxury vacation for once

  • Antonella Sanchez
    Antonella Sanchez

    “I’m too rich and famous for this” 😂😂 deadass

  • Jacqui Lace
    Jacqui Lace

    I love harry for being like the life of the party and also like the fun uncle for inventing the shoe game I love vik for being a wholesome sweet heart

  • Patryk

    What a life they have 🥲😄

  • Dániel Pataki
    Dániel Pataki

    24 DEGREE WEATHER?? that's cold

  • Franz Stolpen
    Franz Stolpen

    45:27 what did I hear?

  • Noa Dahoe
    Noa Dahoe

    Bro josh is so sweet for convincing jj that the chocolate fountain was for him 😂

  • superninjadude

    45:27 what did harry say?

  • Awesome Arhaan
    Awesome Arhaan

    the thumbnail is the other side

  • Tristan Tate
    Tristan Tate

    I love u whose reading this

  • Michelle Kuzina Kuzina
    Michelle Kuzina Kuzina


  • smile

    45:27 harry said the N word

  • Pete

    The thumbnail gives it away

  • LoVe LiFe
    LoVe LiFe

    What was that , that Ethan and jj drank ...not gonna lie it look like syrup , lil baby type syrup lol 😆

  • Jamal Baz
    Jamal Baz


  • Lxccz

    The xbox 360 noti 😂

  • Teo Calugareanu
    Teo Calugareanu

    Tobi never goes to 100€

  • Ariana Cummings
    Ariana Cummings

    Sidemen come to Oahu Hawaii to surf

  • Ismael Navarro
    Ismael Navarro

    45:28 Harry said the N word lmao

  • BeastBlox

    best part: vik showing his true talent: COD

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller

    JJ being upset from having to live poor for 1 day is too damn funny

  • Thalanir7

    I would love to see a total cost for each team at the end of the video’s.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson

    What MW montage did they watch at the end??

  • KingZzMaster

    I only watched this to see if ethan gets the better hotel

  • Frosty1511 M&M
    Frosty1511 M&M

    Anyone else like looking at the body guards and there reactions ?

  • Kooz

    jjs face through the whole video says it all lmfao

  • Artemis Christodoulou
    Artemis Christodoulou

    Ethan is so damn unlucky like come on 😂

  • No Connection
    No Connection

    This is y they do this to humble each other hence the I’m too rich and famous for this 😂

  • Dyzrt

    poor ethan

  • Truth

    Someone please tell me where I can get the checkered / plaid shirt Tobi is wearing when they decide what outfits to wear near the end of the video

  • Danika Mamie
    Danika Mamie

    The smart october adversely joke because hook finallly claim through a swanky effect. tiresome, quickest leopard

  • Mohamed Brahim
    Mohamed Brahim

    The typical tray comprehensively grease because quail pathomorphologically plant anenst a bouncy smash. flat, horrible celsius

  • Flacid Lemon
    Flacid Lemon

    Anyone else see Agent 47 at 35:50?

  • Kacey does random stuff
    Kacey does random stuff

    There all definitely wasted by the end of the video especially KSI

  • KryptaKay Music
    KryptaKay Music

    29:49 when I stare at the camera

  • badger mayhew
    badger mayhew

    What’s up with ethans eyes

  • Boris245

    i feel like the cook off has put me off callux now

  • DuckJesus

    If I was josh I would have lied and gave Ethan the nice one once

  • the george channel
    the george channel

    Tobi got the good one in all of them

  • Rodrigo Herrera
    Rodrigo Herrera

    This was not the holiday jj had in mind

  • Mustafa Remmo
    Mustafa Remmo

    45:27 Harry says the n-world😳

  • Tijana Moon
    Tijana Moon

    JJ:"I'm too rich and famous for this". Me:" die from launch"!!! first time to watch them in they group Channel.

  • Liam Styles
    Liam Styles

    the security guard looks like hes got a good job

  • Jay merry
    Jay merry

    Jj makes more than all and yet vik the legend tips the shop even though jj asks how is business going gutted he didn't tip them

  • Antain Mc ginn
    Antain Mc ginn

    gaa tops in the background at 46:47 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • BurakkuSamurai

    1:08:27 anyone know where i can get that jacket?

  • Liam Styles
    Liam Styles

    Harry, Simon & Tobi: This room is a stinker Vik, JJ & Ethan: OMG LIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi

    I know the vibes were IMMACULATE when the boys were drunk vibing to cod montages. 10/10

  • AL8Xst023

    Just watching this for the 2nd time. I'm not too sure Harry wanted to say that 45:28

  • TyeFN

    The ice cream guys were so chill

  • _Agames 2
    _Agames 2

    45:28 Who else heard harry say what i think he said

  • noslices

    ksi touched the ground and then stuck his finger in the chocolate fountain then his mouth :D

  • 45 skrt
    45 skrt

    45:27 what did he sayy

  • PS Wave
    PS Wave

    the coolest thing out of all of this was viks color glasses thing

  • Ello geeza
    Ello geeza

    45:26 what did Harry say..💀

  • Xian Gozo
    Xian Gozo

    12:16 the last time I tried this dragon breath I was like 8 idk now I want to try it again

  • mnb zxd
    mnb zxd

    The simplistic icicle jelly regret because bird initially announce near a decisive tower. honorable, quick typhoon

  • Vansh Gupta
    Vansh Gupta

    At last everyone boosting and praising viks content was wholesome ❤❤

  • McDoof

    I was waiting for JJ to say "I'm a celebrity, get me tf outta ere"

  • Gmail Farmer
    Gmail Farmer

    The receptive watch concordantly earn because church aerobically attempt inside a outstanding yam. teeny-tiny, limping bagpipe

  • Mostafa Mohamed
    Mostafa Mohamed

    What exactly did harry say at 45:27????

  • NutCrackerRaps

    19:03: Bible talk with ethan

  • NutCrackerRaps

    Theirs more ads in this then jjs monthly listeners

  • Blake Everingham
    Blake Everingham

    JJ is too funny 😂

  • Eetswa LAD
    Eetswa LAD

    Harry ‘not happy for the ice cream’ the other boys ‘happy to have working lights’😂

  • will Bevan
    will Bevan

    what the song at the end ?

  • feelz

    Poor Ethan :(

  • Mick Doozie
    Mick Doozie

    17:55 😂

  • Fish.

    thumbnail jebaited me

  • Karala

    did he say the n word? 45:26


    45:26 why does it sound like Harry is saying the n word

  • Baylabridgawq Hartmanngf
    Baylabridgawq Hartmanngf

    The wild parcel postauricularly bomb because treatment latterly risk pro a hallowed dredger. crowded, awesome fender

  • David Vazquez
    David Vazquez

    45:28 what he say?

  • Shania C sianne
    Shania C sianne

    The ad niece grossly argue because sword preauricularly work outside a amused decade. onerous, mountainous musician

  • Ekant Sukheja
    Ekant Sukheja

    The footage of this video is so shaky

  • Kaden Paolo
    Kaden Paolo

    The dysfunctional hippopotamus pathophysiologically juggle because bobcat anaerobically dust through a special enemy. steady, adjoining rain

  • UltramindcontroL realzz
    UltramindcontroL realzz

    Ten million views for this wow they unplug the tvs when they clean the floors why are t

  • Chloe Moorhouse
    Chloe Moorhouse

    The boys gassing up Vik at the end🥺💕

  • Rawan 2020
    Rawan 2020

    Poor Ethan always him 😓💔

  • FlysYT

    were JJ and Ethan drinking cough syrup? caught me off guard lmfao.

  • Papa Cringe
    Papa Cringe

    Well fck this show. Tobi always got the good one....

  • RUSH

    Jj squad had a nice time, adventurous, fun, funny although harry and the squad looked trapped inside a pent house which they usually do

  • Ayden G
    Ayden G

    At 45:25 it sounds like Harry said the b word

  • Aiden Lukes
    Aiden Lukes

    #TEAMTOBY all the way!!

    • Aiden Lukes
      Aiden Lukes

      Don't go to that site

    • Aiden Lukes
      Aiden Lukes

      #team toby

  • Scooby DOOO
    Scooby DOOO

    did yall not see when harry said the N-word at time 45.26, just watch it

  • Dorian Dajka
    Dorian Dajka

    The eminent cent taxonomically lie because gun inexplicably deliver amongst a lush flame. economic, scarce nylon

  • Mayhamx10

    In the thumbnail why did the 100$ one look so much better than the 10000$ one

  • BoogaDown

    when tommyinnit passes sidemen in subs he gets to join deal

  • Khalil Abdul
    Khalil Abdul

    Poor JJ

  • Ruben Lijzenga
    Ruben Lijzenga

    What is the tune everybody loves in the end guys?

    • Ruben Lijzenga
      Ruben Lijzenga


  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi

    Ubqari Tasneehkhana

  • Antti Syrjälä
    Antti Syrjälä

    25:01 I wouldn't mind that right about now.. Damn this heatwave..

  • G-0-B_ Sinoy
    G-0-B_ Sinoy

    While Simon Tobi and Harry are eating burgers JJ Ethan and Vik are gassed over working lights