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  • Mohammed khabbab
    Mohammed khabbab

    This vid has made me immune to cringe

  • vainillacat

    And whats the purpose? He didnt even stand a real chance, seemms a bit nonsense, maybe u should let him have a chat properly with the one he likes, it would be a more complete video. Even if is just for pretend. 😊

  • Chetan Sarin
    Chetan Sarin

    The 2nd is really Tobi's dream girl.

  • rifaai mamoun
    rifaai mamoun

    Nothing could bring down Behzinga, until Harry's unability to speak to women came.

  • Da Hex
    Da Hex

    Yo jj is a savage

  • Sahil Ahmad
    Sahil Ahmad

    43:29 Mission Completed

  • Laur's Channel
    Laur's Channel

    Litterally paying to avoid women😂

  • Jack Forbes
    Jack Forbes

    I thought it was Chunkz sitting on the couch not jj

  • Banzi Mathula
    Banzi Mathula

    JJ,s mimic of Harry is spot on

  • stijn creton
    stijn creton

    JJ is next

  • Asian kidd
    Asian kidd

    The amount of social anxiety this man has and stress

  • Salah Uddin
    Salah Uddin


  • Salah Uddin
    Salah Uddin


  • Athul Nelson
    Athul Nelson

    Ksi version

  • Dogge y
    Dogge y

    I feel his pain but i keep watch and laugh

  • Live Tyco
    Live Tyco

    Harry is the best

  • Mahesh Ekkaldev
    Mahesh Ekkaldev


  • Mahesh Ekkaldev
    Mahesh Ekkaldev

    44:30 my god

  • gregorio gonzalez
    gregorio gonzalez

    I need to watch ksi killing this

  • Alex Chita
    Alex Chita

    Romaniaaaa lalalala Romaniaaaa lalaala suntem cei mai buni din lume suntem romani

  • Wrath IRL
    Wrath IRL

    BRO that last girl is breathtakingly beautiful

  • nibbsie 78
    nibbsie 78

    Second one would beat harry in prank game, its a match..

  • Lucas Varga
    Lucas Varga

    15:10 I'm dying🤣

  • Gabriel Edwards
    Gabriel Edwards

    Ok we need to see KSI do a mermaid camp video with the mermaid girl. That would make my year

  • Elie Weiss
    Elie Weiss

    I can’t stop, it’s terrible but I can’t stop

  • Gorsty

    i never rlly “cringe” at stuff, but this. this made me literally crawl into a ball and just bite my own TEETH-

  • valefnt

    do a jj one

  • Joel Paul
    Joel Paul

    Man! As I fellow guy I can feel all the anxiousness that he's going through lol!!

  • Amr Ka'ayed
    Amr Ka'ayed

    3:10 who is she??

  • Oliver Söderberg Ekman
    Oliver Söderberg Ekman


  • lil parxnxid
    lil parxnxid

    bro looks like a wii maker character 7:57

  • Waffle



    Poor chair🤣🤣

  • Kaan SECIL
    Kaan SECIL

    The heady beat complementarily spot because cooking nationally fade despite a legal brown. secretive, draconian creek

  • Otto van Oosterhout
    Otto van Oosterhout

    I couldn't even get though this without pausing every 20 seconds because of how badly i was cringing, this is terrible 😂😂😭

  • Bubblez12 YT
    Bubblez12 YT


  • Saad ZA
    Saad ZA

    Who’s the first girl that he sat down with? The one like Moana. IG @

  • Kinny Jeanie
    Kinny Jeanie

    I have watched this like 3 times, and this vid (i first saw it on fb) and harry were the reasons i started watching sidemen vids and now I’m in love with Harry, he is sooooo funny and amazing so himself, never seen a person like him before, he is the best istg

  • J. M.C
    J. M.C

    For those who are wondering, the "romanian song" is O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei

  • T5' tuned
    T5' tuned


  • Emiel

    I need more

    • Emiel

      We need more

  • Butnarasu Catalin
    Butnarasu Catalin

    Am I the only Romanian who can say that the song is not like this ? =)))))

  • marcell pather
    marcell pather

    20 women vs babatunde

  • Tsholofelo Molale
    Tsholofelo Molale

    Harry can carry a conversation tho.

  • Nischal Sharma
    Nischal Sharma

    @ of mermaid girl anyone?

  • Micael Ochoa
    Micael Ochoa

    Quality content

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    dude harry is sick a legend he isn’t even a trained professional

  • TGP

    Nobody: My floorboards at 3am: 32:03

  • Rovetown

    This is just 50min of me dying if laughter - nonstop

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    All the ones that were good he did it bad

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    ethan zoned out

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    i wish they knew that he was joking

  • Wow Man
    Wow Man

    It hurts us all to watch this, don't lie!

  • Louis Schmitz
    Louis Schmitz

    Ethan on the floor is like my dad when he saw my school notes

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King

    harry is a legend


    Tobi next

  • oreo panda
    oreo panda

    2:20 damn! she hot

  • aa a
    aa a


  • estoyvendiendo

    What's Diana's @ ( the dancer)

  • Guest Account
    Guest Account

    I can confirm that he will be overthinking this at night and crying at this cringe

  • Masud onium
    Masud onium

    where is the rest of the sidemen?!?!?!

  • Guest Account
    Guest Account

    I can feel his pain becuz if I was in his place i would have started crying


    @15:01 Wow 😍 but god damn that guy is useless

  • Mohammad Lakadia
    Mohammad Lakadia

    Can somebody pls say the real name of that girl which lay down with harry

  • Frog Juice
    Frog Juice

    it'S TIME TO GO!!!!!!

  • Dragon Of dojima
    Dragon Of dojima

    Anyone got Ella’s IG??

  • Dragon Of dojima
    Dragon Of dojima

    The first girl and Ella were great!!

  • Rajat Maske
    Rajat Maske

    Ella and Harry should date.

  • SillyFace

    The mermaid and dancer , bruhhhhh

  • Carlos

    CLEAN 24:27

  • Austy

    This is the best video of all time

  • alliottds Harlihyz
    alliottds Harlihyz

    The magnificent thrill globally extend because polyester complimentarily knit against a foregoing cormorant. loving, alleged bone

  • Maxi Gonzalez
    Maxi Gonzalez

    47:38 ITS TIME TO GOOOOOO!!!!………alr safe mate

  • Midnight Pro
    Midnight Pro

    Watching this made me realize how underrated harry is

    • L.T. P
      L.T. P

      My dude he has 16 million subscribers

    • L.T. P
      L.T. P

      He is not underrated?

  • Front AMV
    Front AMV

    Pray to Harry :v So stressed

  • SlippySock

    My guy got a fat j out

  • Tim Kiernan
    Tim Kiernan

    he should date the first one

  • AlvesH12

    i'm getting 2nd hand embarrassment from this.

  • Sohail Atify
    Sohail Atify

    Wtf was they doing at 20:20 🤣🤣

  • Ahmed Farahat
    Ahmed Farahat

    Anyone know the mermaid IG ?

  • Samarbalushi

    Wanna watch a Toby featured 20 vs 1.

  • iisann

    man my respect for harry is higher than my self confidence

  • Feldress G
    Feldress G

    Did he just called Dragostea Din Tei a Romanian song? It hurt a lot cuz it’s Moldavian

  • Jxstin

    Harry is hilarious even when he’s awkward

  • Akzi rl
    Akzi rl

    Wait do they know after that Harry was told to that

  • Iban Jean baptiste
    Iban Jean baptiste

    That mermaid’s voice was like so satisfying

  • Yalex Gbp
    Yalex Gbp

    Lol, that day when i see foreigners talking about romanian music and i’m romanian 100% :)))))

  • Yami Sukehiro
    Yami Sukehiro


  • Look at dhe ẞoß
    Look at dhe ẞoß

    Harry is an enigma most of the time

  • TheKid Manny
    TheKid Manny

    who got mermaid girl @?

  • Nahom

    vik man: *is the angel on the shoulder* The rest: *the demon on the shoulder*

  • Ian Wylf
    Ian Wylf


  • Zac Baldwin-Evans
    Zac Baldwin-Evans

    What is Deanna's instagram? Does anyone know?

  • ethan richardson
    ethan richardson

    Boys where's the next 20 women vs 1 sidemen:tobi lerone/Toblerone

  • Cristian

    He really said no worries mate 😂

  • Jeffery Tseng
    Jeffery Tseng

    Harry is a legend

  • xFNolight

    I woud date that mermaid